Monday, May 30, 2011

Page of Pentacles

The Pentacle is an earth symbol. It represents the physical world. It addresses matters such as our finances, homes and physical health. It also speaks to us of grounding, bringing ‘down to earth’ our dreams, in effect manifesting them in the physical world.

The Page card is the youngest in the court card hierarchy. This figure is a youthful one, still an adolescent.

The average adolescent is still exploring his world, pushing the boundaries in order to learn of consequences and limitations in his physical world.  She has not yet fully developed an understanding of the consequences of her actions or learnt to master her impulses. Some adolescents display behaviour that is reckless and dangerous. They do not yet fully grasp the effect of their behaviour on their physical bodies or the world around them. In our ongoing quest for self-mastery this card asks us to examine those aspects of our lives in which we are not yet fully conscious. It draws our attention to the areas in our lives in which we are being reckless or careless. Perhaps even dancing with danger. Are we allowing ourselves to be pressurized by our peers or the media to buy yet another car or television set, instead of putting some money away for a rainy day? Have we given any thought to the consequences of buying clothing or textiles that are made in China? Would the possibility that those clothes were made by children cause us to think twice before buying them? Are we unwittingly contributing towards creating a demand for manufactured goods that tacitly support child labour or the further eradication of the rain forests of this planet?

Perhaps this card serves to remind us to take responsibility and to review our attitudes so that we can lessen the impact we have on planet earth and on our own physical bodies.  Feeding our bodies junk food every day, for example, is one of the surest ways to ruin our physical health. It may be time to contain ourselves and gain control over our impulses so that we can balance the cheque book at the end of the month, and possibly even save a bit towards that well deserved holiday.

Learning to see ourselves as simultaneously, the least important and also the greatest of the universe’s children is the lesson of this card. We might ask how would we do that? The key lies in awareness. The next time we take a stroll on a concrete walkway somewhere in a city we see greatness reflected in a persistent dandelion growing in a crack in the concrete. We observe as it’s delicate winged seeds become airborne so that they may travel  somewhere where they continue the cycle of life.

Even as we marvel in the wonder of the ancient oak tree in the park as its twisted branches reach ever upward toward the sun, we also notice the busy trail of ants meticulously building their home with planning and precision. And on the darkest night as we look up to the complex vastness of the cosmos – we are reminded of how small and humble we really are.

At the same time we become aware of our own personal greatness as we examine the lives we have created for ourselves in our world. We are the creators of our own experiences, our triumphs and our failings. A closer examination of what we have already manifested in our lives should awaken a sense of appreciation within us for the creators that we are, indeed for our own power and greatness.

It is therefore fitting at this time to take stock of what we have manifested to bring us into the present moment – the now.  Acknowledging our own greatness we might be inspired to think for a moment on what we choose to manifest today. How will this new and perfect day unfold in our lives and on our planet? What will we create today?

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